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Chip tuning engine firmware is done almost in every second car service. Unfortunately, not all craftsmen use licensed software. In no case agree to “proprietary” chip-tuning – this is an unjustified risk! Due to bad firmware, the resource of the engine may decrease, the effect of tuning may be minimal or the opposite of what you expected. Choose proven programs and honest car services.

Our car service is an official partner of the manufacturer of software for chip tuning – the only manufacturer of firmware that has passed certification. This means that we can guarantee a predictable and stable result of our work. Chip-tuning of the engine from ADAKT is a careful and accurate firmware. It does not damage the unit and does not reduce its resource. The authenticity of the firmware that we install can easily be checked by the VIN number of the car on the manufacturer’s website. At the client’s request, an ADACT certificate is issued as a result of car chip tuning.

In our work, we use only equipment tested by experience. Professional computer diagnostics of the engine is included in the price of chip-tuning.

Our advantages

When accepting a car from a customer, our company bears full responsibility for it.

Flashing the ECU is safe for electronics. Firmwares undergo long tests on real cars, each firmware has a total of more than 500,000 mileage.

You will immediately feel the effectiveness of chip tuning: a noticeable increase in power and torque.

We work on original equipment of the latest generation. By making chip tuning in our service, you get high quality.

Chip-tuning of a car engine is one of the popular services, which involves individual tuning of the key systems of the car. Competent tuning allows you to increase the torque and efficiency of the engine while maintaining or reducing fuel consumption. Plus measures — in the absence of physical intervention. The tuned car remains under official warranty service.

Serial machines do not allow individual adjustment of the motor part. Chip-tuning services from manufacturers are rather an exception to the rule. However, the ability to adjust the parameters of the main systems is implied by the manufacturer. Our task is to help clients use this advantage to their advantage.

The company offers professional car engine chipping. Our knowledge and experience will allow you to get the most out of your vehicle.

Our guarantees for chip tuning

Strict adherence to deadlines. Chip-tuning through the OBD connector (for cars made before 2005) takes no more than 2 hours, for work with newer cars with tuning protection – from 3 hours. The delivery date is agreed in advance. It is also possible to leave the car for a whole working day (it was driven in the morning, picked up in the evening).

Money-back system. If you are not satisfied with the result of the engine firmware, we will refund 80 to 100% of the service price and restore stock settings within 10 days.

Additional discount on reprog when updating the firmware at the dealer to a more recent one.

The advantages of a chipped engine over a non-chipped one

Mass-produced machines do not have outstanding characteristics. They are distinguished by the average power of motors while maintaining low fuel consumption and compliance with environmental standards. For this reason, basic models do not satisfy the needs of advanced motorists. The goal of car engine chipping is to optimize the control program to improve power characteristics, increase dynamics, and eliminate sluggishness.

Differences of tuned cars:
– increased motor power;
– high acceleration at medium and low revolutions;
– better maneuverability;
– lower fuel consumption;
– improved cold start mode;
– stabilized idling mode;
– no restrictions on revolutions and speed;
adequate operation of the cooling system.

Chip-tuning (real experiments were carried out that allowed us to compare the characteristics of the car before and after tuning) gives a power increase of up to 25% on gasoline and diesel engines.

In what cases is car engine chip tuning necessary?
removal of the catalyst. The power and torque of the motor are lower than originally declared or “fell” over time. The car consumes a lot of fuel – it is possible to reduce consumption by 6-12% due to chipping of the car engine, with frequent use of transport, the result becomes noticeable in the form of real savings on gasoline.

It is necessary to adjust the program of the control unit during recompilation (for example, converting the machine to gas fuel). There are problems with the recirculation of exhaust gases – it is necessary to disable or repair the EDR (a system designed to reduce harmful emissions).

The catalyst is out of order and the engine is unstable – the problem can be solved with the help of chip tuning, workshops use software and physical removal of the catalyst for this.

The speedometer readings do not correspond to the valid values ​​and the car’s mileage is displayed incorrectly – the speedometer needs to be adjusted. The soot filter is clogged and the engine power has dropped – the initial characteristics without interference from the exhaust system will allow you to restore chipping of car engines, this method has already confirmed the effectiveness of solving the problem.

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